ACEARD recognizes that agriculture and rural development can create jobs and livelihood for farmers while producing food and raw materials for urban economy. The objective of the ACEARD’s CBADP Project is to promote awareness and capacity building to farmers on sustainable agricultural practices and management.

The Centre believes that promoting self- reliance and endogenous growth is the key to successful development. At the same time, we also believe in the need to provide external assistance for the fulfillment of basic needs during the process of becoming self-reliant. Thus, ACEARD fully supports initiatives that encourages and promotes community and women empowerment in Africa. In achieving this, ACEARD establishes FARMS COOPERATIVES where women and youth are trained on various farming skills such as; fishing, poultry, piggery and snail farming. At the end of the training beneficiaries are supported to establish their own farm businesses. Through this program various women and youth have been trained and empowered.